Armadillo Liners – Hard Shell Protection

Spray on Bedliners help protect your new investment by adding superior protection from dents, scratches, and chemicals to your truck bed. This hard finish coating is the strongest bedliner material available.

RustKote is an exclusive 2 part application which treats the entire vehicle from top to bottom.

Treatment areas include : Frame, Undercarriage, Wheel-wells, doors, rockers, pillars, hood, hatch/trunk, hinges, seams and any other areas prone to corrosion.

With our Two part process, the bottom Kote is the only product on the market to displace moisture, protect electrical, neutralize brine/ road salt and properly lubricate your entire vehicle.

Step 1 is RustKote Penetrator with Anti Moisture Technology – This product draws moisture out of the metal and repels it from the surface. This product is also designed to penetrate through rust and bond to bare metal.

Step 2 is RustKote Rust Fighter with Drip – Less Formula – This product creeps throughout the entire bottom of your vehicle. This product is safe for electrical, protecting all the connections from road salt and brine during the winter months.

RustKote is a clear blend of petroleum derivatives, rust inhibitors and our proprietary polymer which repels and displaces water. Our products are non-toxic , non-hazardous, non-flammable and safe for the environment.

RustKote will not harm painted surfaces, glass, chrome, plastic or rubber.

RustKote also contains no silicones, Teflon, solvents or CFC’s.

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